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We understand the special requirements of families during this emotional and life changing time

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Welcome to Journey Home Tours
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Journey Home Tours was created specifically to support adoptive families with children from China who wish to visit this country. After more than a decade of facilitating adoption trips and homeland tours, we truly understand and care about the interests and needs of your family.


Journey Home Tours  provides many options for homeland trips, and you can choose from a variety of group packages or work personally with the Journey Home team to create a customized private tour that’s just right for you. We also offer popular tours across China (Best of China, Essence of China, China Discoveries, China Pandas Tour) as well as exciting tours of individual cities ( Beijing, Xi'An, GuiLin).


Explore our site and learn about the exciting adventures waiting for you and your family or group. We look forward to welcoming you home to China!


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The Journey Home Tours Team