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Chinese Ethnic Groups


China is a large country with many ethnic groups, there are 56 nationalities identified, including of Han ethnic group as the major nationality and 55 ethnic minorities.

The Han Chinese  are the largest ethnic group , the population of Han Nationality is over 1.1 billion which is 91.53% of the total Chinese population. Besides the majority Han Chinese , the remaining 8.47% is comprised of 55 very diverse minority groups with population approximately 105 million people. mostly concentrated in the northwest, north, northeast, south, and southwest but with some in central interior areas.  


The defining elements of an ethnic group are language, homeland, and social values. Han Chinese speak Mandarin or Putonghua - which means "common speech" -- being the official and most-used. Cantonese, which is spoken in Hong Kong and in China's other southern province, is the second most popular .53 minority ethnic groups use spoken languages of their own, 23 minority ethnic groups have their own written languages.


The three biggest minority ethnic groups are Zhuang (16.1 million), Manchu (10.6 million), Hui (9.8 million) and China has five Autonomous Regions for its minorities: GuangXi, Xinjiang,Tibet ,Inner Mongolia and NingXia.