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China Travel Tips

We have collected some essential information for travelers to plan their trips to China.


Business Hours

China has a five day work week .Office hours are usually 8:00-9:00am to 17:00-18:100pm with one hour lunch break. Store hours vary with each city and usually open Sunday and holidays. Most restaurants open from 10:30-11:00 to 21:30 -22:00 everyday, with an afternoon break from 14:30 t0 17:00, their business hours are always longer during weekends and holidays, even during the eve of Spring Festival.


Credit Cards & Currency Exchange

Chinese currency is called Renminbi (RMB). The unit of Renminbi is the yuan and the smaller units are the jiao and fen (10 fen=1 jiao, 10 jiao=1 yuan). Yuan, jiao and fen are issued as paper banknotes but there are also yuan, five jiao and fen coins.


Major credit cards are accepted at hotels, some big restaurants, any many tourist stores. You can change cash or travel cheaques at border points, most hotels in addition to the banks. And RMB not used up before leaving China can be converted back into foreign currency with a "foreign exchange certificate" which is valid for six months.


China Airline Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

The maximum Carry-on baggage allowance for each economy class passenger is 5kg 5kg. First class passengers can have 2 pieces of carry on luggage. All other passengers can carry on only one piece. The size may not exceed 20x40x55cm. Carry on baggage in excess of the limit is subject to an excess baggage fee and must be carried as checked baggage.


Check-in Baggage

Adults and children are entitled to a free checked baggage allowance of 40kg , for first class, 30kg, for business class, and 20kg, for economy class while traveling on domestic airlines in China. No free baggage allowance is granted to infants. Groups traveling together are able to combine their baggage allowance if they check in together.


Drinking Water

The tap water in China  is undrinkable before it is boiled. Hotel rooms often feature a water dispenser which delivers both cool and hot potable water. However, some hotels have no water dispenser but are instead equipped with a water heater or thermos. You can use the water heater to boil water in some four- or five-star hotels may supply bottle mineral water. The tap water in the hotels can be used to brush teeth.

Although the tap water is not drinkable, you won't have to worry about finding water when you go out as it is quite easy to buy bottled water in shops everywhere in China. Mineral water prices range from RMB 1 to RMB 10.